About Us

About Us

My passions are food and family.


t is such a pleasure to have you as my guest. When you step into Boca Italiana, we want the feeling to be familiar and immediate. We make home style, high-quality Italian food with fresh ingredients that will remind you of a warm Sunday feast, made with love.

I know that there are a lot of Italian restuarants you can choose from, but only Boca Italiana wants to create a new tradition to share with the people you love. Our food and our restaurant are rooted in tradition. We strive to give you that feeling back, everyday, by serving you old-fashioned Italian recipes from our kitchen and the kitchens before.


e know that old-fashioned means something different in today’s world. A simpler time, before online takeout, cell phones or “fear of missing out.” Every time you sit at Boca Italiana, we invite you to remember what it was like to sit around the important tables in your life, like a family, passionately enjoying food, drinks, and the company.

At Boca Italiana, our focus on food, so you can create the memories worth savoring.

– Maria K.

Come hungry, leave happy, and always share.

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How did the canolis look? Did you love the Tiramisu Cake? How much cheese cake did you eat in one sitting? Yes, these are the things I think about. So today, after creating a gorgeous selection of our favorites for a client to send as a new year’s gift, I was given a gift of my own: direct feedback from the recipients of the pastries.

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